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Common questions about Babies & Osteopathy

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Yes, osteopaths can help babies. At The Osteopathic Pelvic Hub, our osteopaths have undergone additional training in the field of babies and children. Osteopathic treatment can be very beneficial for babies from a very young age, addressing tensions induced during birth or pregnancy that may be causing various symptoms.

Osteopathy is gentle and non-invasive, and many babies even fall asleep during their treatment. Some common reasons parents bring their baby for osteopathic treatment include difficulty sleeping, favoring turning the head one way, reflux, constipation, hiccups, trouble latching, and being generally unsettled.

The birth process, whether vaginal or caesarian, can subject the baby's body to various forces that may result in tensions and strains as the baby grows. Osteopathic treatment for babies can address these strains and tensions, helping to alleviate discomfort and improve symptoms.

For babies with sleep difficulties, osteopaths will take a case history and perform a hands-on assessment to determine potential factors contributing to poor sleep. Tensions in the cranial bones are sometimes found to be a cause of sleep issues. Other cases might involve strains in different areas or systems of the baby's body, affecting their comfort and sleep.

Reflux is another common concern for which babies are brought in for osteopathic treatment. Tensions from birth can contribute to irritation through the diaphragm, esophagus, stomach, or the beginning of the small intestine, leading to pain or vomiting after a feed. Osteopaths tailor their treatment based on each baby's individual presentation.

Osteopaths trained to treat babies can recognize subtle changes in their anatomy and physiology. They can gently release strains and tensions present from birth or in-utero, addressing issues like trouble feeding or latching, constipation, wind, reflux, and sleep problems.

In cases of breastfeeding difficulties, osteopaths can assess and treat issues such as trouble turning the head one way or tension in the base of the head or jaw, which may impact the baby's ability to latch comfortably.

For babies with a flat head, osteopaths can identify and release strains, tensions, and restrictions that may result from birth forces. By treating the cause of why the baby prefers looking one way and ensuring optimal movement of cranial bones, improvements in the flattening can be achieved.

Osteopaths can also address digestive problems in babies, such as constipation, straining, and grunting during bowel movements. The treatment is always tailored to each baby's individual symptoms, and a thorough case history and assessment are conducted to determine the underlying causes.


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