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Pelvic Health


Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging, especially in the area of pelvic health, chronic pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and pediatric bladder and bowel concerns; many suffer in silence, too embarrassed or not sure where to ask for help. 

At the Osteopathic Pelvic Hub, we are here to support your pelvic health concerns at every stage of life. Whether you are an athlete struggling with light bladder leakage, preparing to welcome your first child or experiencing prolapse symptoms, our osteopaths have the experience and expertise to support your return to optimal health and allow you to live your life symptom free

Our team are exceptionally trained and experienced in the field of pelvic health and osteopathy.


Our team believes an integrative approach is the best way to address pelvic health concerns, utilising an osteopathic approach to the assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor, whole body treatment, exercises and lifestyle advise.

Our team help with the following conditions

Our Osteopaths work very closely with our Exercise Physiologist who is extensively trained in pelvic health.


Exercise Physiology helps to integrate your pelvic floor exercises into more functional movements to get you back living a healthier and more independent life! 

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