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General Osteopathy


Our Osteopaths have over 50 years of combined clinical experience with extensive experience in the area of general health including back and hip pain, headaches and chronic and acute injuries. 

Through extra study both locally and internationally our
osteopaths have gained extensive experience in the areas of:


General aches and pains

Including lower back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, jaw pain & TMJ dysfunction, scar tissue, headaches & migraines. 


Yes! At The Osteopathic Pelvic Hub, we treat the whole body and we treat all conditions.


Osteopathy is a gentle form of healthcare that utilises a variety of hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat structural and biomechanical issues in the body. Osteopathy takes a holistic approach, considering the whole person and not just the symptoms.


Working with the body and it’s self healing mechanism, we treat muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments and tendons to address any strains, pain and mobility concerns.


This treatment can include a series of techniques including, gentle articulation, myofascial and facial techniques, manipulation, stretching.

Pelvic health issues for the entire family!

We are very passionate about pregnancy and post partum care, sexual pain and dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain and urinary and bowel issues, pudendal neuralgia and coccydynia. 


We also see children for bladder and bowel issues such as bed and daytime wetting and encopresis (soiling).


Pediatric care and cranial osteopathy

Assisting with birth strain and trauma, plagiocephaly, rye neck, difficulty feeding and colic through to general aches and pain and sporting injuries.


Our entire team are also trained in pediatric bladder and bowel dysfunction. 

Visceral osteopathy

Our Osteopaths are highly experienced and trained in the area of visceral osteopathy, a form of treatment that works with the fascial system that supports the organs of the abdomen and pelvis.


Cranial osteopathy 

Our Osteopaths are highly trained in the area of cranial osteopathy which is a gentle form of treatment that exists within the broader osteopathic framework.


It is used to treat people of all ages but can be particularly suitable for babies and children. This approach recognises that optimal health occurs when the body is in balance and functioning harmoniously.

Breast care and Osteopathy

Our Osteopaths are highly trained in mastitis, breast cancer and mastectomy recovery.

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At the Osteopathic Pelvic Hub Hampton, we believe that every person is different. To best support our patients we listen and seek to identify the root cause of their complaint. We work with the body to restore health and wellbeing.

We utilise treatment, education, rehabilitation and body awareness to create an individualised treatment plan that best addresses your complaint, the root causes and considers your lifestyle. 

As a gentle and holistic approach to treatment, osteopathy is used to safely treat the whole family including babies and children. At the Osteopathic Pelvic Hub Hampton our osteopaths have more than 50 years combined clinical experience treating patients of all ages and lifestyles.


From newborns and pregnant women to elite athletes and the elderly; we are an ideal choice to support your family’s health with gentle, focused osteopathic healthcare. 

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Our Osteopaths work very closely with our Exercise Physiologist who is extensively trained in pelvic health. Exercise Physiology helps to integrate your pelvic floor exercises into more functional movements to get you back living a healthier and more independent life! 

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